The Role Of Electronics In The Development Of Modern Technology

 Today's technology is growing rapidly. Nowadays, people are spoiled with various conveniences provided by technology. It's happening in all areas of our lives right now.

Try to re recall the events of 15 or 20 years ago. Have you ever imagined that in the future you don't have to come shopping in the market, but rather the market that comes for you?

 Or have you ever imagined that one day you don't have to bring a lot of banknotes in exchange, but just an app installed on your Smartphone? 

Or when you get bored and watch a movie with your family, then suddenly someone knocks on the door to give you the food you ordered 10 minutes ago?

All of those things seemed impossible 20 years ago. But now, the era of information technology and artificial intelligence is making it all possible. 

Technology collaborates with the internet, compiled by program code and artificial intelligence, resulting in a tool that changes the course of human civilization.

You now don't have to queue at the bank to exchange or transfer money, but only with the nearest e-banking app or ATM.

You now don't have to bother cooking food for hours, but instead just order food at your favorite restaurant with lots of interesting promos.

You now don't have to bother meeting someone in person if there are important needs such as business and investment, but only connected to a computer screen.

 You now do not have to bother opening new business opportunities that are quite risky, but you can invest in the capital market with the Application provided by your Smartphone.

You don't need to come to the hospital to make sure the service and rooms, but just open the hospital website in your browser.  And there are many more things that can be utilized by technology that you never imagined before.

The development of such a massive technology is inseparable from the role of electronic systems in it. Program code and artificial intelligence embedded in various technological tools require a medium to process data. This is where electronic systems play an important role.

Electronics is a field of science that learns how to control electrons in a device such as an IC and a computer. These electrons carry information in the form of data processed by the programmable Chip, so that it can be used as needed.

For example, at an ATM machine, where the scanner sensor reads the identity and code of your ATM Card and displays your Account Information. 

The keypad you press to enter the password signals the electronic component inside to be converted into a digital code, which will be processed by the Program.

Take a look at your Smartphone. Smartphones circulating around the world consist of many electronic modules in it, such as Speaker and MIC modules, sensor modules, antenna modules, charger modules, Sim Card modules and of course SoC. 

All electronic modules It processes external data and is processed into digital signals that will be processed by SoC. This data is what you use in everything like Social media, playing games, watching movies, Reading Articles, Listening to songs that are trending today and much more.

Like the human body, Electronics is his body and code programs and AI is his brain. Collaboration between Programs and Electronics produces the Technology we know today. Without one of these, you won't enjoy all of the above amenity.

Perhaps you are the one who is analyzing the price of Bitcoin or other Criptocurrency in your smartpone, or reading the opinions of experts on the Investment Climate and capital markets. 

Congratulations, you are the one who successfully utilizes technology and Electronics. 

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